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 Why Insight Executive Recruiting is the right choice for your business:

There are many Search Firms from which to choose, therefore what criteria should influence your decision? What separates or differentiates the few from the many? What are you really paying for and what should you expect?

First and foremost: Integrity. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case with many firms. Why else would so many corporate Search Agreements have to include a clause barring their search partners from recruiting away their personnel? Because too many firms making placements through the front door are also quietly taking them out through the back door.  Not at Insight Executive Recruiting. It’s a matter of integrity.

Secondly: Commitment.  At Insight Executive Recruiting we believe that you deserve our full attention. You and your search become our priority.  How many times have you invested your time giving a search to a recruiter only to wonder weeks later, “What happened? Where did they go?”  When you commit your time and search to Insight Executive Recruiting we commit to you that our resources, time and energy will be applied to your search and that throughout the process we will be actively engaged. That means communicating during the process, from day one until completion. Think of it as a partnership.

And finally: Expertise. We are experts in the search process, in your industry, and in the marketplace. Insight Executive Recruiting is not a placement agency. We are not paper-shufflers. We are a Headhunting Firm and as such it is our job to know who’s who in your field, what their career aspirations and motivations are, and how that knowledge can benefit your company to provide serious solutions to your most critical hiring needs.   

When you can’t fill it yourself: Insight Executive Recruiting.

·         Contingency Search

o   Let us help you

·         Retained Search

o   When it screams, “Drop everything! Nothing is more important than this search!”

o   When extreme confidentiality is a must.

o   When you’re saying, “We know what the problem is. We’re not sure what the solution is; help us define it.”

o   When you have multiple needs that require a project approach.

·         Contract Staffing

o   Big need, short duration.

o   Great solution to circumvent budget issues while still addressing your problem.

·         Consulting

o   Providing professional, Senior Management solutions.

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